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  • Towards Equal Rights in the Global Game? FIFA's Strategy for Women’s Football as a Tightly Bounded Institutional Innovation

    Michele Krech
            • Editorial

              Edwin Alblas
                  • FIFA and Human Rights – a Research Agenda

                    Antoine Duval, Daniela Heerdt
                        • From Metaphors to Legal Solutions

                          Anne Meuwese, Armando Menéndez Viso
                              • Contents

                                Editorial Team
                                • Constitutionalizing FIFA: Promises and Challenges

                                  Bodo P. Bützler, Lisa Schöddert
                                        • The Lighthouse of Law

                                          Randall Lesaffer
                                                • Editorial

                                                  Shavana Musa
                                                  • Statelessness and Conservation: Exploring the Implications of an International Governance Agenda

                                                    Julian Clifton, Greg Acciaioli, Helen Brunt, Wolfram Dressler, Michael Fabinyi, Sarinda Singh