FIFA and Human Rights – a Research Agenda



This special issue of the Tilburg Law Review aims to study the intersection between human rights and the way the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) governs and shapes football. The objective of this editorial is threefold. First, it highlights three different areas of research into the link between FIFA and human rights, namely its human rights impacts (section 2), policies (section 3) and responsibilities (section 4). Secondly, it maps existing research on FIFA and human rights for each section, thereby introducing some of the issues dealt with in more detail by the articles in this journal. Finally, it strives to contribute to the definition of a research agenda at the intersection of transnational law, lex sportiva, and (business and) human rights, by highlighting the questions that arise from linking a transnational private actor like FIFA to human rights (section 5).


FIFAhuman rightsUNGPsbusiness and human rightstransnational sports lawmega-sporting events
  • Year: 2020
  • Volume: 25 Issue: 1
  • Page/Article: 1–11
  • DOI: 10.5334/tilr.189
  • Published on 22 Jun 2020
  • Peer Reviewed