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Statelessness and Microfinance: Can Microfinance Improve the Living Conditions of the Stateless?



This paper studies how microfinance can operate in stateless communities and whether it can have a positive long-term impact on such a clientele. First, the principles of microfinance are presented and linked to the needs of the stateless. Then a project realised in Bhutanese refugee camps is described as a good practice example and its relevance for other stateless groups is discussed. It is concluded that microfinance programmes may need specific forms tailored for various cases but that these projects would very likely be feasible and can be expected to bring positive, long-term effects.


statelessnessmicrofinancepoverty alleviationBidoonRomaBhutanese refugees
  • Year: 2014
  • Volume: 19 Issue: 1-2
  • Page/Article: 90-97
  • DOI: 10.1163/22112596-01902010
  • Published on 1 Jan 2014
  • Peer Reviewed